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Product Details

Product Detail

L-4000 - LENCOSPOT Mark II Spot Welder
Part Vendor:Lenco

 • Protected Control Panel

• Streamlined construction

• On/Off Indicating Switch

• Solid State Timer

• Tool Storage Space

• Easy Portability

• 20 Gauge Autobody Steel Maximum

With the LENCOSPOT MARK II Welder, you can make factory type spot welds in the shop. It's simple to operate... simply press the two electrode guns against the work, press the button and the welder does the work. Two spot welds every time. Time of the welds are automatically controlled by solid state electronic circuitry. No guess work... no gases or wire to buy... no warpage... no flame... and perfect welds time after time, panel after panel. It is the perfect answer to lower the ever rising labor costs.

• 4 KVA Rating

•50 amp Line Fuse

• 208/230 Single Phase 60/50HZ (480 Single Phase available)

• 50' 10/3 Power Input Cable

• 5' Welding Cables

• 110 lbs.  

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